December 22nd, 2008

Бейлаут в России

Как сообщает Блумберг: Russian oligarchs are lining up for $78 billion of Kremlin loans to survive the credit squeeze, handing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin the opportunity to increase government control of the nation’s biggest companies.

Russian companies have about twice as much foreign debt due in 2009 than the $56 billion total owed by companies and the governments of China, India, and Brazil combined, according to data compiled by Commerzbank AG and RBC Capital Markets. 

Интересно, кто тут попал - олигархи? кредиторы? российское государство? российский народ?


Крошка-сын к отцу пришел...

...и спросила кроха: "Бейлаут - это хорошо или это плохо?"

“Junior, you ask too many questions. The government is bailing out the banks because without them, no one could get credit -- borrow money. The government is bailing out U.S. automakers because it doesn’t want to put a lot more folks out of work at a time when the unemployment rate is already soaring. And because the U.S. needs its domestic auto industry.”

“Why? KB Toys is going out of business, and you and Mom still bought me toys for Christmas. I know I’m not supposed to know, but I peeked in Mom’s closet.”

“This is more complicated, son.”

“How do you get a bailout, Dad? Does it go to good or bad companies?”

(Читать всё.