September 8th, 2012

Изучая английский

Иногда думаешь, что учишь иностранный язык, а на самом деле получаешь уроки жизни.

Текст из учебного материала по английскому:

Police Arrest Parents

Sometimes kids skip school. This means that they do not go to school. Kids need to go to school to learn.

People from the school call the parents of these kids. They want to tell the parents that their kids are missing school a lot. Some parents do not seem to care.

People from the school also try to set up meetings with these parents. Some parents do not come to the meeting. They do not seem to be worried that their kids are skipping school.

The police and workers at the schools are unhappy that the parents do not do something. They think that parents should be responsible for keeping their kids in school. They decided to do something to make the parents responsible.

The police looked for these parents. Many of them were found and they were arrested.