January 23rd, 2013

Об бедность и помощь бедным

“Consider this: Africa is 12% of the world’s population, yet it receives 29% of all aid in the world, yet only 1.4 percent of foreign direct investment. Africa doesn’t need more aid. Africa needs more investment.”

“What I’ve seen is you basically have these huge organizations, these huge NGOs, coming to Africa in the name of solving poverty. And what ends up happening is that all those multinational corporations that are in the aid business, in essence they are in the poverty business. And like in any other business, if poverty is your business, more poverty is more business…”

"The World Bank recently made a study where they said something like sixty percent of all the aid money stays in the donor country, because it goes to all of these consultants and people and this and that. 60% of the entire money stays in the country that pledged it in the first place. That is not aid! That is the business of poverty.”