stillwhatever (stillwhatever) wrote,

Кто быстрее

Кто же быстрее разберется в причинах кризиса - правительственные экономисты или прокуратура?
Ставлю на прокуратуру: знания экономики и у тех и у других одинаковые, зато у прокуратуры есть и другие не раз проверенные методы, которые не знают экономисты.

Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. is the subject of three federal criminal probes and at least 12 subpoenas of individuals to testify before grand juries, according to a lawyer for the bank that last month filed the largest bankruptcy in history.

``There's been an outcry from people in the streets, and that puts pressure on prosecutors to do something,'' said Todd Harrison, a former New York federal prosecutor now with Washington-based Patton Boggs. ``They're going to be looking at all aspects of the credit crisis, including the rating agencies and the mortgage lenders who packaged and sold securities.''

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